Message from CEO

Our purpose is to establish a strong and stable service provider in the ICT sector. This emphasizes us we are being a part of the client's business. Providing a solution to the client does not mean a service. In a busy world with a continuously changing technology and also with a set of rising requirements, ICT solutions are being outdated very fast. And timely increases the risk of their threatness with having outdated solutions in the business. Also with an inability to integrate new requirements makes the business is being diverged from the given solution or some parts of the software requirements become a manual process. To address these problems, we always care about the stability of our core system and always go forward with the technology. With these values and purpose at our core, we have proven the success using our past history with a continuously growth over 8 years beginning from the year 2015. Instead of trying to implement an already developed software applications, which may even developed by us, we always care about the client's requests and hence the solutions are being customized accordingly. Using the nature of ICT infrastructure and its requirements to involve in it, we had no issue of lack of resources even in the recent pandemic situation during 2020-2022. Our clients had no break in the solutions we provided. We were able to maintain the systems with no downtime. We had no delays on client meetings. These activities make us more stable and strong. And brought us the happiness and satisfactions with a wonderful mindsets which shown us the beauty of things that can be done using the real world software applications. Over the past 8 years, we have implemented and continuously maintaining ICT solutions in the finance industry, retail industry, chemical industry, footwear industry as well as for other IT companies as a technology partner. Some of our key implementations was Core banking system, Ecommerce system, Enterprise resource planning system, Inventory management and analysis system, Computerized maintenance management system, Employee management support system, laboratory process computerizing and analysis system, Client resource management system. By these implementations and ongoing maintenance, we have made an impact on our clients. Any sector can make sure and trust us with this portfolio that any of business methodology of our clients are not exposes to any other in any case. Our core has well being designed from the beginning and always ensuring that it is aligned to the line to keep this protected. As a firm to be a strong and stable service provider, our staff runs a major role and almost being a big part of the core system. We maintain sessions to share knowledge, give continuous guidance and training, have a friendly environment to share with colleagues. Our HR department cares about the wealth of each staff individually, ensuring that the workload and employee wealth is fairly balanced. The HR department maintains the bench model within the company, which will be helpful to newcomers and also for anyone at any level to gain the knowledge and industrial training at any time or for a specific project domain. This bench model works as an academy within our organization. The life at Portion section on our website showcases the real world experience of our staff written by their own words. I am delighted to share these values and success we made. These outcomes were a result of the entire staff of Portion from the beginning. Some people may not be with Portion at the moment, I take this opportunity to thank everyone in our staff including those who have left the company by today. Also thanks to the collaborating teams from clients to create these real world applications within their organizations. Their supportive and on time involvements were a great help to achieve this success today. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

Janaka Rajapaksha, CEO Portion